Whats to come in the next weeks

We have been a bit busy this last week so we haven’t had a chance to make any updates to the blog, however this next week we are going to have a big push. By the end of the week we aim to have our virtual trading account set up, hopefully make a few trades and add two more stories to the financial news section. So make sure you come back and check the blog out at the end of the week, don’t ¬†forget to follow us on here and if you have any questions just message us via the contact page, Take Care and hope to here from you soon.

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Updated Investment Ideas!!!

Over the past day we have been working hard to post up two new investment ideas that we are thinking of, feel free to check them out and contact us with any comments or questions you have.

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us as it enables you to keep up to date with our progress!!!

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An analysis of Bitcoin’s future as a currency

Through our second year at university we were tasked with conducting extensive analysis into a topic of our choice, in this case we picked cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. Our report gives the reader a look at the future of Bitcoin and the possibility of it being used as a fully fledged currency such as the USD or the GBP.

In this paper we talk about the functions of money and see whether or not Bitcoin fits these criteria, we then go on to discuss the literature surrounding cryptocurrencies where we take a look at many different views surrounding Bitcoin’s legitimacy as a currency. After this we used an ARCH/GARCH estimation in order for us to acquire an insight into Bitcoin’s volatility and we provide an interpretation of our results alongside a conclusion.

We hope you enjoy the read, you can download a copy of the report in the link below:

The Emergence of Financial Cryptography


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Financial News Updates!!!

Our financial news section is being updated so keep checking over the next week to see the financial news story’s that we have chosen.

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Welcome !!!

Welcome to our blog, we hope you will enjoy it. Unfortunately at the moment it is not yet finished so please pay us another visit some time next week where we hope to be fully operational.

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